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Illwinter's Floorplan Generator Download Link Pc xylifae




pdf or .jpg for use in the campaign. This tool is currently designed to import data from the DMs Tools Web-Application. It is a custom export/import which is all written in JavaScript and will run in all browsers. Therefore, it is ready for use right away, without the need to install any further libraries or plug-ins. Of course you are also free to implement your own Export / Import to an XML or JSON-format. **Questions** * **What are the differences to the reference image?** * **Does this add anything new?** * **How is this different to your floorplan generator?** **Conclusion** * **Why should I use this?** ## Interactive floorplan overview An interactive floorplan overview is a map overview of all encounter locations. The result looks like a virtual campaign overview. Any floorplan can be added to an overview map. ![Floorplan overview](assets/Floorplan overview.png) **Requirements** * **Which floorplans are possible to import into the overview?** * **What is the name of the overview?** * **What are the different layers?** ## Table of contents * **Overview of the floorplan generator** * **Requirements** * **Features** * **Download** ## Overview of the floorplan generator **Homepage** * [ **Installation** * **How do I install it?** * **Where does it store the data?** * **Where can I find more information?** ## Requirements * **Which players can be controlled in this floorplan generator?** * **What are the supported game systems?** * **Which maps are supported?** * **What is the supported map editors?** * **Which GM Tools are supported?** * **



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Illwinter's Floorplan Generator Download Link Pc xylifae

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