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System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 File System: exists on FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ systems Features: CONVERT EXIF DATA: 1.2 - fix VECTOR graphic files - fix files with data in place - fix tag validation - fix no metadata for some files - fix incorrect GETID3 fields (ver. 1.3) - fix JPEG thumbnail preview - support support for Samsung EXIF class - EXIF+IPTC tag validation - EXIF+XMP tag validation - XMP+IPTC tag validation - XMP+MakerNote (ver. 1.2) tag validation - Detect IPTC by image size (VER. 1.2) - Add additional IPTC information - fix incorrect IPTC values - add tag settings for IPTC - XMP+Geo location validation - add support for general location data for XMP - find Geolocation from GEOCELL (VER. 1.2) - fix incorrect EXIF values (ver. 1.3) - fix incorrect image date/time - fix incorrect file access times - add EXIF+IPTC support for image size (VER. 1.3) - support additional EXIF information - fix metadata extraction for many files (VER. 1.3) - fix JPEG thumbnail preview (VER. 1.3) - add DNG compatibility support (VER. 1.3) - fix incorrect location data - correct image date/time - add support for orientation - support EXIF+GPS information for images - fix "Unknown value" for maker note (VER. 1.2) - fix "Unknown value" for lensinfo (VER. 1.2) - fix "Unknown value" for location - fix "Unknown value" for flash - fix "Unknown value" for pixelx - fix "Unknown value" for pixely - support Makernotes (VER. 1.2) - read and write every EXIF and IPTC/XMP field - all EXIF and IPTC/XMP field validation - Makernotes support (VER. 1.2) - support preview images for JPG - add EXIF keys for JPEGs - add EXIF+IPTC support for thumbnail images - support a5204a7ec7

ExifToolGUI is a free, open-source and portable image and metadata editing tool for Windows, released under a GPLv2 open source license. Originally coded for the Fedora Linux operating system, this program can be used on any Windows system since it will not fill or otherwise change the Windows Registry and it has a small footprint (2.2 Mb). Its easy-to-use interface and its detailed file information properties make the ExifToolGUI very suitable for any user, novice or professional, to quickly and easily analyse image and their embedded meta-data. This is a code-based full offline map of India. It works just like Google map and the pictures used to make it are just perfect. We have used our own collections and all the given tags have been used to make this map. The map is based on the WMS format. A small amount of GB of data is required to run this app. ExifToolGUI: Free exif data extracting and meta-data editing application for windows. This is a code-based full offline map of India. Key Features : - * No need to have internet connection to use this application. - * All images used to make this offline map is just perfect. - * This application has everything you want in a picture viewer. - * Use of its own collections of images and details in making this map. - * All photos used to make this offline map is compressed, comes with nice JPG compression, which helps in making an efficient map with less space. - * Works on all windows versions. - * ExifToolGUI is a light and small desktop application. - * ExifToolGUI also works for most other general purpose applications like Paint, PDF Preview etc. - * All tags used have been given in the sample. - * The map is based on the WMS format. A small amount of GB of data is required to run this app. - * The map is based on GPS coordinates, and has details of all the locations given in the images. - * Auto-calculates the directions from any location to any other location. - * All the images are cached locally in the system. - * The map shows the location of each location using its own color. - * The text names are used to make the map. - * All the images were provided by the users themselves. - * This application is code-based, and

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